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Despre toleranţă prin intermediul teatrului

Că tot vrea ministerul să cugetăm serios la problemă(de fapt, la probleme, că sunt cel puţin două aici!) şi tot au dovedit copiii că sunt în stare de lucruri mari. Au gândit, au imaginat, au scris, au tradus, au şi jucat cu ceva timp în urmă pe textul lor. N-am ieşit la o rampă mai sonoră din teamă, din timiditate. O vom face cât de curând. Depinde de semnalele pe care le vom primi de la organizatorii simpozionului internaţional la care am trimis materialul şi de la numeroşii lor parteneri. De fi-va bine,din toamnă îl vom monta; o nouă distribuţie, o nouă scenografie, sperăm şi un nou succes. Sonor, de data asta! Ca să afle toată lumea de ce suntem în stare!

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All the scenes are realized in Heaven’ Garden: flowers, trees rustle, bird songs, sunshine, peace, etc….
Director’s indications must take care on:
- the wishes of the team;
- cultural, historical and religious traditions of the team;
- natural environment;
- financially possibilities.

The first act
The first scene

1. Adam
2. Athens
3. Buddha
4. God
5. Homer
6. Isis
7. Mars
8. Mohamed
9. Moshe
10. Sarasvati
11. St. Peter
12. Zamolxis
13. Zarathustra

Isis: Oh, oh, oh… what a marvel ! What a beauty! (Admiring the landscape around) Couldn’t you want to go to Paradise? Couldn’t you love so much beauty? Couldn’t you want to be better? ……. Sincere?...cleaner and just?
Sarasvati: Yes, you’re right. When the petals of the Paradise Garden fall on your shoulders, you can’t stop from thinking of immortality for everybody. As a matter of fact, I think that beauty and peace reversed on earthling can change them each moment… All their life will be overwhelmed by peace, silence and beauty.
Adam: But why should we give waves over waves of beauty? God created the Earth especially for people. For this Earth God has worked day after day, wetting with his sweat the fruit of his work. He gave the Earth everything that everybody could wish; a clean home, a rich world, a sensitive soul and a piercing mind. What else could they need more then that? I think they are very happy.
Buddha: Do you think they are really happy?
Isis: Why not? What do the dislike? What they can reproach divinity? They clean waters, which mirror they sky, they have water for the and all the living beings, they have different birds, real bouquets of songs caressing the hearing, they have huge woods to refresh themselves during the afternoons and the warm themselves during the winter nights. They have bright summers and springs full of flowers and hope …
Sarasvati: They have huge carpets, knitted of silken grass, they have turtles, swallows and nightingales, they have a lot of flowers which they could breathe in, they have rains on time, rains that clean the air of dust.
Adam: All this was a long time ago, long, long, long ago, at the beginning. A lot of time has passed since then… a very long time…many things have changed on Earth…you could hardly recognize this planet…you can hardly make the difference between it and the others planets of the solar system.
Sarasvati: How that? What has happened with all its beauty? What have the people done?
Moshe: They have been destroying it permanently, they harm it…they mud it…they kill it every day…every moment…every second.
Isis: I can’t believe it! I just can’t! they, the people, they have mind…they have conscience…they can make the difference between good and evil…between beauty and horror.
Zarathustra: …and what is that useful for? What if they have brains? They use it only to accomplish dirty purposes…they don’t think about the future…they don’t care about their future and the Earth…look, every generation forgets that the Earth doesn’t belong to them that’s a loan taken from the generation that will come after them.
Mohamed(looking far): You’re right…the Earth looks more pitiable…overwhelmed by garbage, it shows more and more…they ugliness of the scars made with incontinence, unmeasurable ambition, stupidity selfishness…
Sarasvati: But…looking from here it doesn’t seem like that…its blue crown is so beautiful…so beautiful…isn’t it? Look isn’t it the most beautiful star?
Zamolxis: it only seems like that. If you look over the atmosphere you’ll be afraid of what you’ll see: huge spaces that are disappearing animal which are killed for the selfish pleasure of some people, huge amounts of gases that don’t fit in the blanket of ozone, experiments which come beck to harm their creator, kids left alone, violence, a lot of violence, from simple fights between classmates to armed ones, which prove that people haven’t learnt anything from the lessons of history…
Adam: I’m looking at what people have become and I can’t believe it, they have become frightful beast.
Moshe: that’s right! They don’t they don’t guide their lives according to the Tablets of the Law and the Laws of God. They are bed, they are very bed.
Adam: they’ve lost their patience. They want all at a time, without thinking of the consequences.
Buddha: yes, yes…after the principle “Pleasure with the last effort”.
Adam: time has changed them…they haven’t always been like that.
Isis: oh…Adam, you too. How can you say this? Have you forgotten about Cain and Abel? About the murder made because of the envy and the wish for a quick fortune?
Adam: no, I haven’t. you’re right. If I think about it better, God would have better taken a rest for two days than to have worked to realize a creature that proves to be unworthy of its Creator.
Zarathustra: – Oh, Adam, Adam! ... Stop crying out loud. The living world without the humans would have been … boring … And then, this mud dolls as you called them, decide knowing that God made them understand what’s good and what’s bad. He gave them the possibility of choosing between the right path, the path of light, of justice, of beauty and truth and the other one, the path of darkness, of evil; therefore they have everything they need to decide what’s best for them. If they choose the evil…
Zamolxis: – If they choose the evil do we have to leave them like that? Shouldn’t we do something? Shouldn’t we interfere in their development, in their education? Can’t you see that even from their infancy they learn to hate, to beat with fury, to destroy their souls with hard words of argue?
Athens: – Look at their faces … look how they are destroyed by hate, by acrimony, by the desire of self imposing, by the desire of becoming strong and rich masters, the desire of, why not, becoming real Gods between common, weak people, that they can manipulate through fear.
Zamolxis: – They no longer know how to smile… they no longer find the time to take pleasure from an ordinary day… they no longer bring up their children nicely… They no longer know to say a love poem. I think they no longer know how to love and how to be loved.
Mars: - I would have never imagined, thousands of years ago, that something would lead to this.
Athens: – Don’t tell me you’re sorry. Isn’t this what you wanted? Fighting and fighting and fighting…
Mohamed: – And what’s worse is that they fight in our name; for us to be more precise. Hah… for us! ... In our name! Maybe just like us! As if any of us ever said that we would want one of us to be above all the others… or that we ever fought between us…
Homer: – Oh, you poor people… Why don’t you read anything? Why did you turn your eyes from the life lessons from the past? You would have learned that, although you are limited by your physical strengths, you have the chance of becoming wise. This with the knowing that life isn’t infinite. You would have learned how important is…
.............Gata! Destul pentru a vă face curioşi!..............

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